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What Do I Offer For You?

  • Curated 12 week workout program

  • 24 hour text support

  • Weekly check In video/phone calls


Rates can vary based on clients specific needs.
I am based in Toronto Canada but I can service all of North America.  I am here to help you reach your goals and we will do what it takes! The base pricing for all the mentioned above is

$200 per 12 week program

what credentials do I hold?

  • NASM Personal Training Certificate

  • NASM Nutrition Certificate (in progress)

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First Step, Get a 

free consultation

The first step to our journey together will be a free online consultation. As a female coach, I understand you are mainly coming to me as you feel more comfortable with a female coach. We will discuss your fitness goals as well as your  medical history, training background, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. After the consultation is done, the information gathered in our meeting will help me curate your workout program and answer all questions you might have had!

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nutrition guidance

I will be checking in everyday to make sure you are getting in your meals  and hitting your daily calories and macros.  With my nutrition background, I will be able to help you create a meal plan that is flexible yet specific to your goals. 

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weekly check ins

As your online coach, I want to make sure you have access to my support whenever you need. I will be checking in every week to see how your workouts were, if you have any questions/concerns and to make sure you are staying on track. You can also always reach out to me whenever needed. I am committed to keeping you accountable and helping you succeed. 

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custom workout programs

Every client will have their own custom workout program. However, if you are a client who prefers a less hands on approach and only wants me to create a workout program, that is possible. 


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